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“And We created you in pairs” –  وَخَلَقْنَاكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا

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What is Nikah? Terms & Conditions of Nikah

What is Nikah? Terms & Conditions of Nikah

What is Nikah?

The Nikah is a blessing from Allah

The Nikah is a great blessing from Allah Ta’ala. In marriage (Nikaah), the affairs of this world and the hereafter are brought into order. Marriage has many advantages as well as wisdom. Saving oneself from sin and putting one’s heart at ease are the results. His thoughts do not wander or stray, as he has no evil intentions. That is his greatest virtue, for he is only interested in what will benefit him and what will bring him reward. We believe that it is better for husband and wife to sit together and engage in a loving conversation, joking with each other, etc. rather than nafl salat.

Muslim Marriage is Very Simple

Muslim marriages are very simple. The marriage is valid even if just two words are spoken, e.g. a person says in front of witnesses, “I give my daughter to you in marriage.” The other person replies, “I accept her in marriage.” In doing so, the marriage is valid and both parties are lawfully married. However, if a person has several daughters, the nikah will not be fulfilled when he utters the words above. For example, he would say : “I give my daughter, Qudsiyyah, to you in marriage.” and the person would reply : “I accept her.”

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Ijab-o-Qabool (Offer and Acceptance) or Qabool-o-Ijab in Nikah

When someone asks a father for the daughter of so-and-so, the father replies: “I give her to you in marriage.” If he says this, the nikah will be valid regardless of whether he accepts or not. If the word “accept” is not mentioned, it is not necessary.

Nikah in Presence of the Bride

There will be validated in the nikah if the father says: “I give this daughter of mine in marriage to you”, and the person replies, “I accept her”. Her name does not need to be mentioned.

Nikah in Absence of the Bride

In the absence of the girl, it is necessary to mention her name and the name of her father in such a loud voice that all witnesses can hear. In cases where the people do not know the father, and it is likely that they will still not know whose nikah is being performed by mentioning his name, it will also be necessary to mention the name of the grandfather as well. This identification is necessary in order to enable anyone present at the nikah to know immediately whose nikah is being performed.

Witnesses are Necessary For Nikah

In addition to this, for a nikah to be valid, it is also essential that a minimum of two male witnesses or a maximum of one male and two female witnesses must be present during the nikah ceremony, and to hear the two words (e.g. the offer and the acceptance) spoken by the parties involved. Until then, the nikah will not be valid. There is no nikah if two people sit together in a private place and one says to the other “I give you my daughter for marriage”, and the other replies “I accept your daughter”, the marriage is not valid. In the same way, even if the nikah had been performed in the presence of only one individual, even then the nikah would not be valid.

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Nikah is Invalid Without One Male Witness

When there are no males present, but only females, the nikah will not be valid, regardless of how many females are there. One male must also be present along with two females.

Nikah is Invalid Without Muslim Witnesses

The nikah will not be valid if there are two males who are not Muslims. The nikah is also not valid if both or one of them is immature, even if both or one of them is Muslim. In the same manner, if there is one male and two females, but both or one of the females is immature, the nikah will not be valid.

Gathering For Nikah Ceremony

A large gathering would be ideal, such as a mosque or another large gathering after the Jumma (Friday) Prayer’s gathering. It is for this reason that the nikah will be well announced, and the people will become aware of it. There should be no secrecy or privacy involved in the nikah. In the event that many persons will be unable to attend due to some reason, at least two males or one male and two females who hear the nikah being performed in their own presence will need to be present.

Nikah Can be Performed By A Mature Male & A Mature Female, By Themselves

The mature male and the mature female can both perform their own nikah if they are mature enough. As long as two witnesses are present for the ceremony, all that the couple has to do is say these words under the witness’ supervision: “I make my nikah with you” and “I accept.” The nikah will be valid when it is completed in this manner.

Any other Muslim Can Perform Nikah

The nikah of a person will be valid even if he/she does not make their nikah by themselves, but asks someone(Muslim) to do so with them, or names the person with whom he/she will perform their nikah, and this person/persons perform their nikah in the presence of two witnesses, the nikah will be valid. In the event that this person later rejects or denies this nikah, the nikah will still be intact.