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NADRA Marriage Certificate

NADRA Marriage Certificate

NADRA Marriage Certificate is a proof of marriage registration with NADRA. We can get NADRA Marriage Certificate (MRC) for you within 1-2 days for an urgent fee. 

NADRA Marriage Certificate

The NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) is a very significant document in Pakistan and abroad. This is a concrete document that proves the marriage (Nikah) between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan

Pakistan essentially has two types of marriage certificates:

  1. Nikah Nama (Urdu); and 
  2. NADRA Marriage Certificate (English & Urdu)

The latter NADRA Marriage Certificate, issued by local government  authorities on NADRA’s computerized civil registration system, is a fully computerized and more authentic document that can be used in all legal forums.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Issuing Authorities

You can have a solemnized Nikah for as low as Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 only if WALI of the bride you contact us. Our packages are all-inclusive, which includes:

  • Two copies of the Registered Nikahnama (Rs. 10,000)
  •  Computerized NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (Rs.15,000 Package, including Nikahnama)

You can contact us to arrange a qualified Nikah Khawan (Molvi) for your ceremony, which can be at your location or our office at a pre-determined time. Each of our Nikah Khawans is a registered Nikah Khawan.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Application

NADRA Marriage Certificate can be applied by any adult married person in Pakistan at any one of the above-mentioned offices. Before submitting an application for issuance of a NADRA Marriage Certificate, the applicant must have an Urdu Nikah Nama.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate’s

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate’s Usage

A NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: 

  1. It is used as proof of marriage in foreign countries 
  2. Intended for immigration purposes 
  3. Obtaining a family visa
  4. For all other legal matters

Do You Require Our Service To Get a NADRA Marriage Certificate?

We can facilitate you to obtain a Nadra Marriage Certificate fr within 1-2 days for an URGENT fee. Please contact us if you require your Nadra Marriage Certificate, urgently..

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NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate’s

3 Steps to get NADRA Marriage Certificate

Nadra marriage certificates serve as official evidence of marriage between an adult male and female. There are 5 Steps towards to get issued a NADRA marriage certificate:

  1. You are required arranging all required documents and visit the relevant issuing Union Council office depending on your current address. NADRA marriage certificates can be issued by local union councils in all major cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, and Peshawar, using NADRA-installed systems on a special paper. If you are a resident of a cantonment area, the marriage certificate can be obtained from a cantonment board office; if you are a resident of a small city, it can be obtained from the town management office; and If you are a resident of Islamabad, your NADRA marriage certificate can be obtained from the Arbitration Council office.

  2. An application form for a NADRA marriage certificate must be submitted to the issuing office. Those who wish to do so should get the prescribed form from that office. You should submit your documents and payment along with your application.
  3. You can pick up your NADRA marriage certificate on the given date. In most cases, NADRA marriage certificates are issued within 3-5 working days if all required documents are available. However, it may vary depending on the circumstances. The NADRA marriage certificate must contain all the correct information. Verify the details on your marriage certificate with your official documents. If the issuing office makes any typing mistake, you can request a correction.