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“And We created you in pairs” –  وَخَلَقْنَاكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا

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Senior Attorney, Corporate Lawyer, and Family Lawyer Syed Mohsin Ali Shah founded the Family Law Section of Pakistan Legal Forum. Its scope includes Court Marriage, Online Marriage, and Nikah Khawan (Qazi/Molvi) services.

Pakistan Legal Forum is one of the largest law firms in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It is a group of dynamic and dedicated lawyers that provides an unmatched level of commitment to serving the interests of its clients. To meet our clients’ specific needs, we provide comprehensive, accurate advice and reliable solutions they can rely on. Our legal services include Property Legal concerns such as Inheritance disputes, Rent Cases, Family matters (divorce, khula, child custody, child maintenance), Civil, Criminal, Corporate, and all other relevant legal fields in Pakistan.

Our Family Law Section is the most popular among our youth and under 35s, along with our Property Law Section and Corporate Law Section. Our Family Law Section provides the service of court marriages (also called civil marriages) and online marriages with Nikah arrangements. Marital unions are unions of two people who decide to spend their lives together. In Pakistan, where a couple can use their right to marriage and enter an official union through a court marriage, people are more inclined to choose the life partner of their own free will. As legal advisors, we handle their cases of court marriage (civil marriage) with their free consent and will, and arrange the solemnization of Nikah in accordance with Muslim Sharia or their religion.

As a law firm, we provide multi-national companies, industry associations, governmental agencies, statutory bodies, diplomatic missions, regulatory agencies, and other entities with litigation services, consulting services, alternative dispute resolution services, advisory services, institutional capacity building services, case research, and expert opinions.

Family law attorneys help our clients resolve matters pertaining to family law in Pakistan. English common law and Islamic law are the governing principles of this country’s legal system. Generally, the former is more influential in commercial law whereas the latter is more influential in personal status (and to some degree in criminal and tax law).