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Court Marriage

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Court Marriage Online Marriage Nikah Khawan
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We provide Professional Family Law Services such as Court Marriage, Online Marriage, Nikah Khawan Services (Qazi/Molvi), and Nikah Registrar Services in Karachi, Rawalpindi & Islamabad.

About Us

Syed Mohsin Ali Shah, a Senior Attorney, founded the Family Law Section of Pakistan Legal Forum. Its scope includes Court Marriage, Online Marriage, and Nikah Khawan (Qazi/Molvi) services.

Pakistan Legal Forum is one of the largest law firms in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It is a group of dynamic and dedicated lawyers that provides an unmatched level of commitment to serving the interests of its clients. To meet our clients’ specific needs, we provide comprehensive, accurate advice and reliable solutions they can rely on. Our legal services include Property Legal concerns such as Inheritance disputes, Rent Cases, Family matters (divorce, khula, child custody, child maintenance), Civil, Criminal, Corporate, and all other relevant legal fields in Pakistan.

What We do

You can obtain holistic legal assistance from Pakistan Legal Forum on civil and criminal matters. Among the top law firms in Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad, it gives its clients an extensive range of legal services. Since its establishment, it has developed a reputation for integrity and trustworthiness. We have the best law firm in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan, that can provide operative and tangible legal solutions to your problems.


We, at Pakistan Legal Forum, provide high-quality legal services to our domestic as well as international clients from several countries around the world. We have two main offices located in Karachi and Islamabad that provide a full range of legal services.

Quality Service

We’re committed to confidentiality and ethics as the cornerstones of our quality service and our clients’ satisfaction is the best proof of our success.

Court Marriage - Online Marriage

Court Marriage

We offer Court Marriages / Conventional Marriages at a very reasonable price with complete documentation.

Online Marriage

We make our Online Marriage/Nikkah services available in Pakistan as well as worldwide, so you can get married at home via Video Call.

Nikah Khawan

If you have booked a wedding hall or banquet hall in advance, our Nikah Khawan (Qazi) will reach the venue of your Nikah promptly.

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Why Court Marriage?

There is a great deal of money spent on weddings, but it benefits no one. Conversely, court marriages in Pakistan are incredibly inexpensive and affordable, as they require no elegance or show; their simplicity is their beauty. By offering a platform to marry, court marriages help restore a sense of balance in society by not making you lose all your savings by matching the so-called standards of a grand wedding. 

There are no rituals and ceremonies involved in court marriages. As long as you have all of the necessary documents and witnesses with you, it can be completed within a few hours. If you’re eligible for court marriage, you can now get married in Pakistan with no hassles. 

Pakistan Legal Forum assures its clients of three things:

  1. Confidential
  2. Ethical
  3. Legal

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